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Hi There!

I moved from Chicago to Northwest Arkansas in 2015, having visited only once. With over 10 years of pastry experience and an impressive resume, I hit the pavement, sure I'd find a job in no time. While not yielding gainful employment, my job search certainly gave me the opportunity to explore the area!
I soon settled in at a small cafe in Fayetteville, making biscuits and muffins. I loved my job there, but it was a far cry from the type of work I was used to, and it left me restless. My job search had given me glimpses of Northwest Arkansas' incredible natural beauty, why not take a closer look?
4 years later, not a week goes by that I don't get out into the woods, usually with my best hiking buddy, Doc. We both enjoy exploring in all weathers and seasons, and he waits patiently while I document our adventures. When I'm not wandering the woods, I'm in the kitchen, mixing and baking, and creating new desserts for a hotel and restaurant in Bentonville.