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  • Miranda Kohout

Getting to Know the Locals: Ozark Spiderwort

Updated: May 6, 2019

Arkansas has several species with deep roots in its rocky, red soil. The pun is fully intentional. While I've seen lots of Ozark native plants in my wanderings, there's a special thrill for me in species named for the area. Thanks to some help from a user on my nature app, I was able to identify one of these at Smith Creek Nature Reserve in the BRV. I knew there was something special about the white Spiderwort I'd seen there, but, other than the color, I didn't know what was unique about this plant. I'm happy to introduce Tradescantia ozarkana, the Ozark Spiderwort. It's just edging into NatureServs "at risk" category - fine for now, but its habitats are threatened.